KWEER Touring & Events Promoters Package

Join the KT&E promoters team, and see the following benefits:

  • $2 for every ticket sold to a ticket holder, who uses your discount code or says your name at the door!
  • 2 (two) drink tickets (basic beer, wine or soft drink) for every 10 people who use your pre-purchase discount code!
  • The promoter with the most number of tickets sold will get a private one-on-one Meet and Greet experience with the Talent, and a personalised signed tour poster!
  • The promoter with the second most number of tickets sold will receive a personalised signed tour poster!

What we expect of our Promoters:

  • Ongoing, constant social media advertising across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, using only official supplied artwork and promotional material. A minimum of 2 posts per week.
  • Initiative when it comes to promoting events. Be creative. Visit other shows, public gatherings, or come up with great new ideas to help promote upcoming KT&E shows and tours
  • Attendance at shows! This program is about increasing attendance, so it is imperative that promoters attend the shows
  • Positivity and support for the brand. We live in a digital age, where social media is among the most important assets we have to remain in contact with people, and to share information. It is an absolute requirement that KT&E Promoters show support for the brand, and engage in positive discussion about upcoming events. Should a promoter have any concerns about KT&E, upcoming shows and events, or anything else, the promoter is expected to discuss with KT&E core team. Any negative posts about the brand, any of the talent, or core team and other promoters will not be tolerated.
  • Be excited!!! These shows are about providing exciting and engaging entertainment to as many people as possible.
  • Invite all of your friends to all KT&E events set up through social media, and to the KT&E official Facebook page

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